Greco Strom Grand

Published December 12, 2011 by lifeschoolers


Greco Strom Grand Stromata

The Grand offers a classical sense anatomikotitas based on expertise. With the technology of elotirion micro pocket spring unit 2000-S each point of the Grand has an independent suspension system from another and so achieve the highest anatomical behavior. The Grand supports you perfectly as reinforced perimeter foam density HAFGS enhanced durability.
on the other hand, the three types of foam containing offer flexibility and uniformity. It is flexible, and uniform elastko due Inner microfoam available while creating a natural form massage your body. The feeling of pure virgin wool gives you a peaceful sleep facilitating proper breathing also contributes to faster rithmisi body temperature Your thermakrasia to sleep. The argan the Cotton embraces even the most sensitive skins as kallierieitai with very high quality biodynamic techniques use only natural fertilizers.
The protthpa internationally branded oeko tex standard 100 pursuant to which the fabric is constructed makes it safe to come into direct contact with your body. The quilted lining gives you the monodii comfort. Rely on the expertise of the Grand …

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