Media Strom Human Resources

Published December 13, 2011 by lifeschoolers

Media Strom

Human Resources
Our people are our strength and that’s why we make sure they
have ideal working conditions, with regard to hygiene, safety
and aesthetics.
• We provide personal safety equipment &
• Free transportation with company buses
• Private Health Medical Plan for all
• Company Dr. visiting on site for private
consultation & examination
• A life & Accident Insurance Plan
• An free medical check-up per annum
• Bonus Plan based on productivity
• Interest- free loans
• Company products at low prices
• Wedding present to newly-weds
• Theater & Cinema

media Strom

In 2010 more 1,600 hours and over
100.000 € was allocated in educational
programmers & training , with regard to:
•Personal Development & On the Job
•Sales Techniques & Customer Service
•Safety & Hygiene at Work
•Technical Issues

• We encourage promotion from within
• We have created a Blood Bank for our
employees and their Families
• We have created a book-Loan Library
• Constant education for all employee


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