Media Strom Social Contributions/responsibility

Published December 13, 2011 by lifeschoolers

Media Strom

We embrace our fellow men with respect and a sense
of ethics
•Our constant development and successful course
have not led us away from people, who are the
cornerstone of our philosophy. We feel our
obligation and duty to those weaker among us and
we take actions.
•We support our fellow men with constant
actions and donations to older people nursing
homes, to abused children, to homeless shelters,
etc. Social Responsibilit

Some of the groups we support with donations,
sponsorships & products, are the following:
• Fire-Stricken People all over Greece [2007]
• Athens Care for Homeless
• The Actors’ House
• “ANIMA” Psycho-social Rehabilitation
• “Elpida” Cancer Children
• “I Pediki Stegi” Institution
• Blood Donors Association
• “Doctors Without Frontiers”
• “Life Line” for elder people
• Alzheimer Association
• Markopoulo Women’s Volley Team
• Autistic Children Organization

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