Our New Factory: A gem in worldwide industry!

Published December 13, 2011 by lifeschoolers

Our New Factory: A gem
in worldwide industry!

Media Strom
• Experienced field partners, machinery
manufacturers and raw material
producers from abroad, that have
visited our new facilities, are excited
with this unique achievement in the
international mattress production
industry and they speak with
“I’ m 30 years in the business now and
did visit a lot of mattress manufacturers
around the world.
Media Strom is one of the most modern and
efficient mattress factories I have seen”
Kurt Ruegg, Sales Manager, Spühl [Spühl is an
international top spring-producing machinery
manufacturer]Our New Factory: A gem
in worldwide industry!
“I was very honored by the fact that you have
decided to show me your production facilities,
which has very much resemblance to a pharmacy
In its organization and cleanliness”
Sebastian Mândroc, External Sales Manager,Deslee
Clama [DesleeClama is one of the most innovative,
high quality fabrics producer in the world]
“It was really wonderful to get to know your new
plant. Congratulations once again! It’s an example
for our industry, and a breath of fresh air, as we live
in such difficult times…” – Pedro Saraiva, External
Sales Manager, Flexitex [Flexitex is one of the largest
mattress fabric producing industries in Europe].Our R &D Department
Εταιρική Παρουσίαση
• Unique R &D Department in Greece
• An experienced team constantly works to improve our existing products and
to design new ones, monitoring the latest developments and trends in the
worldwide market.
• Our aim is to provide best value for money products



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