what is latex? how do they use it in the production of mattresses

Published December 15, 2011 by lifeschoolers

What is latex?

In its pure form, the latex is the milky white liquid that is pumped from the trunks of mature kaoutsoukodendron (heveabrasiliensis).

The Talalay manufacturing process

Specific quantity of light foam latex is poured into a large mold-fixed frame so as to fill only part of the mold. The lid is sealed and the latex spread into the void and fills the entire mold. Once the latex fill the mold, it begins to “stand” and not to deflate reduce the temperature to -30 , the C, the latex is cooled and accumulated / set.

At this stage, carbon dioxide diocheteftai to latex and the temperature rises to 115a , so the latex to solidify Vulcanising and then the lid of the mold automatically opens and the product depart from the mold and placed in a rolling belt. The / latex sheet or pillow latex passes from the first cylinder / mill wash to rinse any residue from detergents and dirt and after chassis styfti (mangle) to strangichthei the water.

Then the product moves down a tumbler system before arriving at the station of physical examination. Each piece of latex is controlled separately to ensure that it meets the specifications required density and hardness before being placed on the purchase or conversion of a bed or pillow.

The advantages of the mattress Dunlopillo

  • Resistant to support long
  • Follow and adapted to the contour of your body to provide maximum comfort and support back
  • With good ventilation disperses moisture keeping the body cool, dry layer
  • The production process ensures that Talalay Dunlopillo Dunlopillo latex foam is open cell (opencell), maximizing the ability of the material to breathe (breathability) and giving the best performance over the Memoryfoam.
  • Latex is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial properties inhibit the growth of microbes, fungi and house dust mites, so it’s perfect and perfectly safe for people suffering from respiratory problems
  • Latex mattresses do not need spin or shaking because there are fillings that can grompaliasoun or sit
  • It is silent, so the mattress does not creak during sleep.
  • Independent support means you can turn without disturbing your partner
  • They offer a range of options for comfort, looks and storage
  • The Dunlopillo is an internationally recognized and trusted name you can trust after having gained 80 years.

5 Year Warranty

The 5 year warranty on all products, mattresses and sleep products, offering even more carefree. Through retail distribution, the Dunlopillo over the period of five years from the date of purchase, as appropriate and discretion, will repair or replace without charge any product or part of a product that ellattomatiko hardware failure or poor quality construction .

5 to 10 Years warranty

For a further period of five years and up to ten years from the date of purchase, the company will pay off the current retail price for replacement of the existing product.



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