media strom

Media Strom keeps spreading its well-being all over Greece, thanks to new opening of seventeen new stores conceived through thePhysical Brand Design.

Media Strom was already the market leader in Greece in the field of bedroom furnishings, but there was a need to unify its image and take one more step to move from being a good company to an excellent one.

As a result the new experience sprung out of that necessity was called “the power of imagination” and it aimed to set new standards for Media Strom in order to widen the gap with its competitors. Media Strom had to step ahead of its category and move from the general approach of wellbeing to a concept of overall life harmony based on the satisfaction of personal aspirations and comfort.

Crea International developed an innovative design concept which aims to enhance a personal dimension and make people feel belonging to a “style community”.

Media Strom stores become the purest space of imagination that make people feel home, not overwhelmed.
Alberto Pasquini, client leader of the project says: “While conceiving the Media Strom project, I thought myself which my view over sleeping was, in order to better focus on the concept.
And I do think of bed not just as a mere piece of furniture, but as a complete universe where everybody’s future is given birth, a place where I think about my nextday plans, where couples create family. The best ideas come from such intimate and private space, far from outdoor bad noises and bothers.”

And as a matter of fact, the whole atmosphere and environmental graphic are light and reassuring: you feel like having already been there before but, at the same time, you imagine new scenarios, new stories that you could live, should you bring a piece at home. It evokes the soft hug of some past dear memories and leaves room to imagine your future.

Media Strom has become a place where making the right choice is now easy because it is crystal clear and you can simply compose your own design and express your personal insight.


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