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media Strom Store Locations Near you

Published December 15, 2011 by lifeschoolers


A store Media Strom is surely near you!

The Media Strom sure to constantly expand branch network in Greece, to come closer. Already operating 60 stores!
created the most modern and impressive network of stores in Europe, so the design and concept of network in general to win the award for Best Concept Redesign the Franchise Award 2010!

Your visit to one of the branches of Media Strom is a unique, yet pleasant experience, because here you will find a warm and friendly environment with experienced staff who willingly and smile will help you plan the perfect sleeping environment for you !

For one thing sure: if you do not find here the perfect mattress that will satisfy demanding in terms of quality, feel and price will not find it anywhere!


The Secret Art Of Sleep

Published December 13, 2011 by lifeschoolers

Media Strom

It is very important to pay particular attention to the selection of baby mattress, as the baby passes daily over 20 hours lying . Also note that the mattress will accommodate your baby until the age of 4-5 years, a period that his body is growing rapidly. For this reason, follow our advice to choose your baby the proper layer, which will offer a comfortable nights sleep and support the proper development of the vertebral column. 


  • 1 The mattress should be new.
    Never use the last layer of your baby or layer that you borrow from your friend or relative. The old mattress posed serious risks to your child’s health, and research has identified that may account for the sudden death syndrome (SIDS).
  • 2

    Trust a reputable company.
    A specialist firm mattress knows the specific needs of each age. So, you’re sure to give your baby the best possible terms orthopedikotitas, hygiene and comfort.

  • 3

    The baby mattress should provide comfort:
    the right mattress should adapt and “following” the contours of the body of the baby, without pressing.

  • 4

    The baby mattress should provide support:
    the right mattress should support the spine of your baby by offering a quality sleep.

  • 5

    The baby mattress should give you the feeling in her arms:
    a proper mattress should gently hug your baby, giving the feeling of relaxation.

  • 6

    The baby mattress should be made ​​from selected and tested materials.
    The material of the layer should be environmentally friendly and sensitive baby skin. Avoid materials that “breathe.” Especially the fabric of the mattress should be allergy, with special treatment anti-acarea, to prevent the growth of dust mites and other micro-organisms responsible for causing allergies and breathing problems.

  • 7

    Make sure the mattress has the correct dimensions.
    If, between the mattress and the crib, no space, enough to fit two fingers, there is a risk that your baby can become trapped. So, make sure to fit snugly in the crib, even if that means it will be hard to change sheets. priority is the safety of your baby!

  • 8

    The right baby mattress should be combined with proper conditions of sleep.
    Do not overheat the baby’s room, because the high temperature can cause discomfort. Koimiste your baby on your back or side and pay attention to the bedding. There should be very fluffy and create many aspects because it can trap baby. Avoid using a pillow!


    Media Strom Stromata

Our New Factory: A gem in worldwide industry!

Published December 13, 2011 by lifeschoolers

Our New Factory: A gem
in worldwide industry!

Media Strom
• Experienced field partners, machinery
manufacturers and raw material
producers from abroad, that have
visited our new facilities, are excited
with this unique achievement in the
international mattress production
industry and they speak with
“I’ m 30 years in the business now and
did visit a lot of mattress manufacturers
around the world.
Media Strom is one of the most modern and
efficient mattress factories I have seen”
Kurt Ruegg, Sales Manager, Spühl [Spühl is an
international top spring-producing machinery
manufacturer]Our New Factory: A gem
in worldwide industry!
“I was very honored by the fact that you have
decided to show me your production facilities,
which has very much resemblance to a pharmacy
In its organization and cleanliness”
Sebastian Mândroc, External Sales Manager,Deslee
Clama [DesleeClama is one of the most innovative,
high quality fabrics producer in the world]
“It was really wonderful to get to know your new
plant. Congratulations once again! It’s an example
for our industry, and a breath of fresh air, as we live
in such difficult times…” – Pedro Saraiva, External
Sales Manager, Flexitex [Flexitex is one of the largest
mattress fabric producing industries in Europe].Our R &D Department
Εταιρική Παρουσίαση
• Unique R &D Department in Greece
• An experienced team constantly works to improve our existing products and
to design new ones, monitoring the latest developments and trends in the
worldwide market.
• Our aim is to provide best value for money products



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Production Facilities & Infrastructure

Published December 13, 2011 by lifeschoolers

media Strom Production Facilities & Infrastructure • We have made one of our dreams come true and so it is with pleasure and honor that we present to you our new factory, a leading factory in Europe and one of the most sophisticated in the world!!! 17Production Facilities & Infrastructure MAIN STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES: 1. To Increase production capacity (1,200 mattresses per shift) 2. To manufacture products of high quality and hygiene. 3. To operate with respect towards its employees and the natural environment. 4. To create the conditions for future expansion and Exports   media strom 18PRODUCTION FACILITIES & Top Engineering Equipment • In Media Strom’s new factory, we have established a unique production line of mattresses, with the best machinery from around the world, operating under the supervision of our specialized personnel. • This helped us to improve even further the already high quality of products ! 19PRODUCTION FACILITIES & INFRASTRUCTURE • Our New Factory gives us a huge competitive advantage and it is by itself a very strong reason for a consumer or a wholesaler to choose our company and our products! • Inviting end users to visit our new plant has been accepted with great enthusiasm, because it shows transparency in production & raw materials find website host

Media Strom Human Resources

Published December 13, 2011 by lifeschoolers

Media Strom

Human Resources
Our people are our strength and that’s why we make sure they
have ideal working conditions, with regard to hygiene, safety
and aesthetics.
• We provide personal safety equipment &
• Free transportation with company buses
• Private Health Medical Plan for all
• Company Dr. visiting on site for private
consultation & examination
• A life & Accident Insurance Plan
• An free medical check-up per annum
• Bonus Plan based on productivity
• Interest- free loans
• Company products at low prices
• Wedding present to newly-weds
• Theater & Cinema

media Strom

In 2010 more 1,600 hours and over
100.000 € was allocated in educational
programmers & training , with regard to:
•Personal Development & On the Job
•Sales Techniques & Customer Service
•Safety & Hygiene at Work
•Technical Issues

• We encourage promotion from within
• We have created a Blood Bank for our
employees and their Families
• We have created a book-Loan Library
• Constant education for all employee


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Media Strom Social Contributions/responsibility

Published December 13, 2011 by lifeschoolers

Media Strom

We embrace our fellow men with respect and a sense
of ethics
•Our constant development and successful course
have not led us away from people, who are the
cornerstone of our philosophy. We feel our
obligation and duty to those weaker among us and
we take actions.
•We support our fellow men with constant
actions and donations to older people nursing
homes, to abused children, to homeless shelters,
etc. Social Responsibilit

Some of the groups we support with donations,
sponsorships & products, are the following:
• Fire-Stricken People all over Greece [2007]
• Athens Care for Homeless
• The Actors’ House
• “ANIMA” Psycho-social Rehabilitation
• “Elpida” Cancer Children
• “I Pediki Stegi” Institution
• Blood Donors Association
• “Doctors Without Frontiers”
• “Life Line” for elder people
• Alzheimer Association
• Markopoulo Women’s Volley Team
• Autistic Children Organization

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