Production Facilities & Infrastructure

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media Strom Production Facilities & Infrastructure • We have made one of our dreams come true and so it is with pleasure and honor that we present to you our new factory, a leading factory in Europe and one of the most sophisticated in the world!!! 17Production Facilities & Infrastructure MAIN STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES: 1. To Increase production capacity (1,200 mattresses per shift) 2. To manufacture products of high quality and hygiene. 3. To operate with respect towards its employees and the natural environment. 4. To create the conditions for future expansion and Exports   media strom 18PRODUCTION FACILITIES & Top Engineering Equipment • In Media Strom’s new factory, we have established a unique production line of mattresses, with the best machinery from around the world, operating under the supervision of our specialized personnel. • This helped us to improve even further the already high quality of products ! 19PRODUCTION FACILITIES & INFRASTRUCTURE • Our New Factory gives us a huge competitive advantage and it is by itself a very strong reason for a consumer or a wholesaler to choose our company and our products! • Inviting end users to visit our new plant has been accepted with great enthusiasm, because it shows transparency in production & raw materials find website host


Media Strom Human Resources

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Media Strom

Human Resources
Our people are our strength and that’s why we make sure they
have ideal working conditions, with regard to hygiene, safety
and aesthetics.
• We provide personal safety equipment &
• Free transportation with company buses
• Private Health Medical Plan for all
• Company Dr. visiting on site for private
consultation & examination
• A life & Accident Insurance Plan
• An free medical check-up per annum
• Bonus Plan based on productivity
• Interest- free loans
• Company products at low prices
• Wedding present to newly-weds
• Theater & Cinema

media Strom

In 2010 more 1,600 hours and over
100.000 € was allocated in educational
programmers & training , with regard to:
•Personal Development & On the Job
•Sales Techniques & Customer Service
•Safety & Hygiene at Work
•Technical Issues

• We encourage promotion from within
• We have created a Blood Bank for our
employees and their Families
• We have created a book-Loan Library
• Constant education for all employee


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Media Strom Social Contributions/responsibility

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Media Strom

We embrace our fellow men with respect and a sense
of ethics
•Our constant development and successful course
have not led us away from people, who are the
cornerstone of our philosophy. We feel our
obligation and duty to those weaker among us and
we take actions.
•We support our fellow men with constant
actions and donations to older people nursing
homes, to abused children, to homeless shelters,
etc. Social Responsibilit

Some of the groups we support with donations,
sponsorships & products, are the following:
• Fire-Stricken People all over Greece [2007]
• Athens Care for Homeless
• The Actors’ House
• “ANIMA” Psycho-social Rehabilitation
• “Elpida” Cancer Children
• “I Pediki Stegi” Institution
• Blood Donors Association
• “Doctors Without Frontiers”
• “Life Line” for elder people
• Alzheimer Association
• Markopoulo Women’s Volley Team
• Autistic Children Organization

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Greco Strom Grand

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Greco Strom Grand Stromata

The Grand offers a classical sense anatomikotitas based on expertise. With the technology of elotirion micro pocket spring unit 2000-S each point of the Grand has an independent suspension system from another and so achieve the highest anatomical behavior. The Grand supports you perfectly as reinforced perimeter foam density HAFGS enhanced durability.
on the other hand, the three types of foam containing offer flexibility and uniformity. It is flexible, and uniform elastko due Inner microfoam available while creating a natural form massage your body. The feeling of pure virgin wool gives you a peaceful sleep facilitating proper breathing also contributes to faster rithmisi body temperature Your thermakrasia to sleep. The argan the Cotton embraces even the most sensitive skins as kallierieitai with very high quality biodynamic techniques use only natural fertilizers.
The protthpa internationally branded oeko tex standard 100 pursuant to which the fabric is constructed makes it safe to come into direct contact with your body. The quilted lining gives you the monodii comfort. Rely on the expertise of the Grand …

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greco strom Eden 3g

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greco strom Eden 3g


The mattress Eden 3G porechei perfect anatomii behavior due to three
different sets of springs anxartiton skliotitas, Micro Pocket Spring unit 3 thousand-S
Soft-medium-Soft, which has. The aryaniko of cotton agkaliozei even the most
sensitive skins as kallieryeitai with very high quality biodynamic techniques
only natural FAT.

the standards of internationally branded oeko tex standard 100 pursuant to which the fabric is constructed makes safe to come into direct contact with the body of sas.Logo afrodoths three species density material has high elasticity and durability while the foam creates yl cellular and a natural chew form. It offers unparalleled sisthisi since it is flexible, elastic, omaiomarfo and durable material that inner microfoam and the surrounding area.
The quilted lining to give it manadiki comfort. It dissect and akalouthei the natural curve of the spine virgin wool that offers you a peaceful sleep while vradioo proper breathing and helps to get more sleep thermakrasia grigara. We will go out Gale’s arms …

Greco Strom

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Greco Strom


Pure Virgin Wool: In many of the layers used raw materials from virgin wool. This term is used exclusively for wool which comes straight from the shearing of the animal without admixtures of other materials. Only this quality it receives from the international secretariat of the seal wool and characterization of pure virgin wool. This ensures an excellent and healthy sleep after:



healthy sleep

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media strom


Think of your daily activities. Which activity is so important you
should devote one-third of your time to doing it? Probably the irst
things that come to mind are working, spending time with your
family, or doing leisure activities. But there’s something else you
should be doing about one-third of your time—sleeping.
Many people view sleep as merely a “down time” when their brains
shut off and their bodies rest. People may cut back on sleep, think­
ing it won’t be a problem, because other responsibilities seem much
more important. But research shows that a number of vital tasks
carried out during sleep help people stay healthy and function at
their best.
While you sleep, your brain is hard at work forming the pathways
necessary for learning and creating memories and new insights.
Without enough sleep, you can’t focus and pay attention or respond
quickly. A lack of sleep may even cause
mood problems. Also, growing
evidence shows that a chronic
lack of sleep increases your risk
of obesity, diabetes, cardiovas­
cular disease, and infections


Despite growing support for the idea that adequate sleep, like
adequate nutrition and physical activity, is vital to our well-being,
people are sleeping less. The nonstop “24/7” nature of the world
today encourages longer or nighttime work hours and offers
continual access to entertainment and other activities. To keep up,
people cut back on sleep.
A common myth is that people can learn to get by on little sleep
(such as less than 6 hours a night) with no adverse effects. Research
suggests, however, that adults need at least 7–8 hours of sleep each
night to be well rested. Indeed, in 1910, most people slept 9 hours a
night. But recent surveys show the average adult now sleeps fewer
than 7 hours a night. More than one-third of adults report daytime
sleepiness so severe that it interferes with work, driving, and social
functioning at least a few days each month.
Evidence also shows that children’s and adolescents’ sleep is shorter
than recommended. These trends have been linked to increased
exposure to electronic media. Lack of sleep may have a direct effect
on children’s health, behavior, and development.
Chronic sleep loss or sleep disorders may
affect as many as 70 million Americans.
This may result in an annual cost of
$16 billion in health care
expenses and $50 billion in
lost productivity. 3
What happens when you don’t get enough


What happens when you don’t get enough sleep? Can you make up
for lost sleep during the week by sleeping more on the weekends?
How does sleep change as you become older? Is snoring a problem?
How can you tell if you have a sleep disorder? Read on to ind the
answers to these questions and to better understand what sleep is
and why it is so necessary. Learn about common sleep myths and
practical tips for getting enough sleep, coping with jet lag and
nighttime shift work, and avoiding dangerous drowsy driving.
Many common sleep disorders go unrecognized and thus are not
treated. This booklet also gives the latest information on sleep
disorders such as insomnia (trouble falling or
staying asleep), sleep apnea (pauses in
breathing during sleep), restless legs
syndrome, narcolepsy (extreme daytime
sleepiness), and parasomnias (abnormal
sleep behaviors).


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