quality of sleep

The daily life causes us all stress, fatigue, decreased mood, as well as physical impairment. All of this results, to treat chronic pain in our body to display psychosomatic symptoms, which can be treated with some hours of relaxation, and of course with proper sleep. Achieving a good quality sleep, of course, comes from a combination of factors. All these symptoms caused by everyday life, can occur in far worse if we do not sleep well balanced.

The Sleepys takes into account all these factors can make you feel better at least during your sleep. Our company offers a wide variety of sleep products such as mattresses, pillows, beds, etc. But what makes the unique Sleepys is that it offers its customers all those layers are considered the best on the market. On our website you will find www.sleepys.gr stromata of media strom, elite strom, linea strom, candia strom, tempur, Greco strom as well as all kinds with a detailed description of the characteristics that will make your sleep relaxed and lighthearted.

The four largest companies of its kind layers are common and different characteristics. One of their common features is the density of both the Media Strom, and the other Linea Strom, Candia Strom, and Elite Strom, you will find that the density and materials of Friday classes are excellent. Furthermore, all the above companies are creating categories of layers which meet the requirements of the most particular customer. In your visit to http://www.sleepys.gr you can visit the categories of classes offered and decide what is best for you.

H Media Strom is one of the oldest companies producing strata.Founded in 1967, and then find the best mattress companies because of long experience and high technology used in their manufacture such as Welding Materials 5th generation [5G Smart Bonding Technology ®] which provide excellent handling and consistent performance over time for each layer, after all materials function as a single, compact system sleep.

A few years later was another great competitor and layers, the Candia Strom (1973) which is using simulator sleeping until now controls the strength and build quality of the layers. The previous company but Linea Strom (1957) laid the foundations of production of mattresses and many of the companies in the Greek market have been inspired by the quality of the layers and method of manufacture of mattresses. Every mattress and sleep products all individually checked thoroughly by Linea Strom for durability, quality and hygiene. The stromata of Linea Strom is a foam with numerous air cells give excellent ventilation features and have great flexibility. It is hypoallergenic and does not allow the growth of microorganisms.

Finally, the younger strata company on the Elite Strom founded in 1979, but has a tradition of layers to the Greek people who are considered among the best on the market. The elite strom has a proprietary vertical production unit where the handmade work to complement the latest technological equipment. Each raw material and every new product go through the verification process to thoroughly test the quality and durability for use of a 10-year simulation.

In http://www.sleepys.gr will find all these companies with all features layers as well as prices. Remember that you order from our website will come directly to your space at no cost delivery. And now you can …. Sleep well!


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